Work At Home Blues


work at home

Working from home


Almost three years ago, I found myself with a dilemma. Either go back to work and part with my beautiful babies for upwards of 12 hours a day, or become a stay at home Mom. I chose the latter. I waited a long time for these little miracles and I could not imagine giving away their babyhood to strangers. I promised hubby that I would go back to work when they were a year old. The first year at home – that would be great for them and for me, right? Except when that date loomed I hated the idea and took a part time job waiting tables instead. That was fine except I had to spend weekends away from my family and time with my husband went to nearly nothing.

I decided to pursue working from home. My first idea was selling cookies. I make some absolutely phenomenal triple chocolate delights. It was a good idea except, to do it legally requires a commercial kitchen. I was able to do it for a while but the legality and the growing waistline encouraged me to look into other ideas.

Crafts! They are fun and everybody likes handmade, right? Well, yes and no. They do for  certain things but the basic stuff that I produced attracted  interest.  I  came up with the idea to teach crafting. People love crafting, right?  Except no one will pay much for a craft teacher and certainly no one will pay enough to cover the cost of the materials. Craft stores are crazy expensive!

So on to the next idea. I purchased essential oils in bulk and repackaged them. I used the oils to make candles and soap. In addition, I sold the repackaged bottles at the flea market. Everyone loves the flea market. Yes, that is true but primarily its hardcore bargain hunters or antique fans that frequent. My booth had business. But at the end of the day, if you put a dollar value on my time I was making nothing and sometimes paying for the privilege to make nothing – lucky me.

Ok, by this time babies are past two and its really time for Mommy to go back to work. Months of searching yield a low paying job that barely covers the daycare and other costs and it only covers  that because hubby and I carpool. What a bonding experience, carpooling with hubby (sarcasm here). He has incorrigible road rage and I get to enjoy (?) his comments in the morning and again in the evening. Also, carpooling takes time traveling to two places of employment, even though they are relatively close. The end result was babies got dropped off at daycare at 6 am and not picked up until at least 6 pm and sometimes not even then. But we dealt with it.

Wow, here comes another curve ball. Docs found abnormalities in my girls (breasts that is) and a biopsy must be done. Guess what, Momma has no medical insurance and biopsies are so expensive they won’t even do them if you are an out-of-pocket patient. The health department says they have a great program funded by the Susan Komen foundation that will pay for all of it.  Oh, happy day. Except for one thing…we make too much to qualify. I ask the lady, if I call you back and am suddenly no longer employed, would we qualify? The answer is yes. Off I go to quit the job it took FOREVER to find and get.

Praise God, the biopsy found no cancer and Mama is just fine; except she is once again unemployed. Back to job search I go. Previous experience and added searching tells me I am too old (43) and its been too long since I graduated college (4 years) – no one is hiring.

Back to the drawing board I go. I consider the soap again but the math tells me it is just not profitable. It’s a nice hobby, that’s all.

In my searching craigslist ads, I encounter Kitsy Lane – online employment that does not require any outlay of capital. Wow, that is awesome! It won’t cost me anything. I don’t carry inventory or even take orders. All I do is set it up and then market it through social media – my most favorite thing like ever! At it I go, with gusto! I even work late into the night to market my new boutique. A couple craigslist ads of my own and I have 5 customers and 8 new boutique owners. I make 15-30% commission off of all orders and 15% from all the business the owners under me make. Wow, isn’t this awesome.  (can you hear it coming – except for…)

Yep, except no one is buying – anything. My lovely boutique only made one sale – and that was to me. I did some research and found out that online jewelry sales don’t  typically do very well. It is a touchy feely product and if I carried inventory and went to shows (all things that cost $$) I might sell some. Then a friend was kind enough to tell me the truth. The stuff is too expensive and a lot of it just looks cheap. I bought some and although I liked it, I am so clueless about fashion stuff that I am enthralled by “sparkly stuff”. My order came in and the lulu bracelet was stunning. I absolutely loved it. I wore it one day and it broke. I tried to call the company and no phone number. I have to wait to online chat with them that is only available 3 -5 pm Monday through Friday. Tuesday I reach someone who is very nice, sends me a label to return it and tells me they will send out another one. I declined the refund as I really wanted the pretty bracelet. I returned the broken one in the mail the next day. Well, a week later and no replacement bracelet. You would think they would’ve over-nighted or rushed it or something.

Between no sales and questionable quality, I discover Kitsy Lane is not going to send me to Disney World. Isn’t that where everyone goes when they make it big?

My friend introduces me to Avon. I am hesitant because of the dirty word, MLM – multi-level  marketing. My experience with those types of companies is the products are priced ridiculously high in order to get everyone paid. But reviewing the Avon brochure, I see most items under $20 and a lot are just a few dollars. Their stuff is actually affordable! And Avon helps to fund  two causes that are very personal for me – Breast Cancer Research and Domestic Violence Awareness. My scare with Breast Cancer really affected me. I am very committed to do all I can to help those affected by it. Also, years ago I made very poor choices and got together with actually three different men who showed their “love” with their fists. One actually came alarmingly close to ending my life. The police photographer said the marks on my neck were identical to those found on strangulation victims – the dead ones.

I am now committed to be the absolute best Avon Representative ever!


Let me by your Avon Lady

They carry great products at affordable prices and they really contribute to the greater good. I will continue to pursue my writing because that has always been my dream. What is so great about Avon is I set my own hours and I determine how much I work. I am in charge, my own boss.

Well, actually, anyone with toddlers knows that is just an illusion. Those who cry the loudest are in charge. But, you know, sometimes that ‘s me.

cry, baby cry

cry cry cry


7 thoughts on “Work At Home Blues

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. You are a great writer, Keri! And I’m off to see your Avon site. I hope you do well with it. 😀

      • Well, I placed an order just now, but then I realized that you are supposed to actually deliver it to me, all the way down here in Atlanta! I didn’t make the connection until it said I was done and I hadn’t given any credit card info – I thought you could deliver it by mail.
        Oops, what do we do now? CAN I have it sent to me or….?

      • Don’t worry. I will look into it and we will get your order to you. I sure appreciate the order.

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